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Saturday, December 30, 2006

An Experience to Remember for Staff of athira holidays

athira holidays recently took their staff/representatives from Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut, Bangalore and Chennai on a tour of North Kerala. The visit included places like Adyanpara, in Malappuram Dist. and Kalpetta in Wayanad Dist.

Adyanpara waterfalls is a sight to experience. The River, Kanhirapuzha, has crystal clear water flowing towards Chaliyar River and on to Arabian Sea. On one side of the River is Rubber Plantations and the other is a thick forest with approx. 12,000 acres in area. The staff members enjoyed their sumptuous lunch served on river-side sitting on rocks spread all over! Some had a good bath in natural ponds created by nature at various places in the River.

To have a look around the neighbourhood:

From Adyanpara one can undertake trekking towards Meenmutty water falls, a good trek of about 8 hours, enjoying food enroute and crossing streams and climbing over rocks/hilly areas and thick forests. One should be prepared to spend the night in open
or tents near the misty area created by wind out of the falling water at the foot of Meenmutty waterfalls. Meals are prepared and served there sitting around the Camp fire.

The trekking party can be accompanied by local tribals and an efficient guide. Recently
A team of athira holidays senior executives had taken this trip to experience themselves.

Adyanpara is 14 kms away from Nilambur, 90 kms from Calicut (Kozhikode) and 200 kms from Cochin, 140 kms from Mysore, 110 kms from Ooty. Nilambur is in between Ooty and Calicut, or Mysore and Calicut.

Nilambur has itself created a spot in Tourist Map of Kerala by holding on to the Oldest Teak Plantations called Canoly’s Plot. Nilambur also has Teak Museum inviting tourists as well as students to have a look at the various level of growth of a teak tree or plant.

Nedunkayam, 10 kms away from Nilambur is where the rain forests flourish. There is a wooden Rest House built by the Britishers. An elephant taming centre is just across the River here. While staying at the Rest House one may come across wild animals roaming around.

Kalpetta, Sulthan Bathery, Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary, Ambalavayal, Kuruva Dweep (Island), Begur, Thirunelli etc. in Wayanad District attracts high flow of tourists from within India as also from abroad. It has everything that a Hill station is known for – cool climate and nature’s bounty! Resorts, hotels, homestays and tree-houses are available for night-stays.

It was an experience for the staff to explore and help sell to prospective guests of God’s Own Country!

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