Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday, January 19, 2007

Elephant Safari in Kerala, God's Own Country!

We have been organizing Elephant Safaris for guests visiting Kerala (India) from overseas. These guests included nationals from Europeon countries mainly.Recently we arranged safari for couples from UK & Germany through northern part of Kerala,giving two day programmes. The guests enjoyed the journey throughout waving hands to the villagers curiously vewing the walk. We have done such safaris for half a dozen teams earlier. Selection of walking routesis based on the programme/itinerary the guests wish to follow. These safaris can beorganized anywhere in Kerala provided elephants are available; towards this, prior information(say, months notice) would be required. Meals are arranged enroute and night stays at village houses. The guests are provided with village houses only for overnight stay, with minimum facilities. Bath rooms are not attached with bed rooms, may be open roof with side covers are best suited for the atmosphere. Dinner and breakfast enjoyed along with members of the host-family . All care and attention taken to provide the best behaved friendly elephants for the journey. The mahoutsare well trained to handle any situation.

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